Advanced procedures offered at Easton Dental Studio:

-Single tooth implants
-Multiple tooth implant-bridges
-All-On-X implant hybrid dentures
-Full arch implant teeth
-Immediate implant placement (implant is placed the same day as your tooth is extracted.)
-Vertical Sinus Bumps
-Lateral Sinus Lifts
-Bone grafting
-Jaw bone ridge augmentation (widening)
-Bone block grafting

What implant procedures do we offer?

Dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth, whether the implant replaces the missing tooth in the front of your mouth for smiling or in the back of your mouth to provide functional support, it is beneficial for the tooth or teeth to be replaced.

Implants can also be used to replace all your teeth with the All-On-X procedure. This is where teeth are permanently screwed in place onto implants resulting in a prosthesis that is comfortable, natural, and much smaller than a traditional denture or plate.

Finally, implants can be used to secure and stabilize your traditional denture with a Snap-In clips. This provides a secure fit for your denture so you don’t need to use the glue. This denture is still taken out at nighttime.

What experience does Dr. Mike have in implantology?

Dr. Mike began his implant journey at Camp Lejeune where he completed advanced general dentistry training in the Navy in 2016.

In 2021, Dr. Mike finished the Implant MaxiCourse through Rutgers University and became an Associate Fellow in Implantology for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Finally in 2022, Dr. Mike completed advanced surgical training at the Colorado Surgical Institute in Greeley, Colorado.

Are all patients implant candidates?

Certain medical conditions could put implant recovery in question. With a comprehensive evaluation, it can be determined who is eligible.

However, with advanced surgical techniques such as sinus lifts, bone block grafting, or tissue grafting, virtually all patients are an implant candidate.

What type of technology do we utilize to make implant placement straightforward and predictable?

We utilize digital scanning, 3D CBCT imaging and SprintRay 3D printing, as well as digital photography and radiography. It seamlessly all works together to give you the best treatment possible. It is possible for us to fabricate your new smile the same day your implants are placed!

How can dental implants help me?

Whether you need to replace one tooth or all of them, dental implants are a dependable solution to restore your smile and allow you to eat the foods you love. Implants can be used to stabilize or secure your existing denture or they can retain your denture permanently in your mouth. To replace a missing or broken tooth, implants can often be placed immediately, the same day as your extraction! Implants are an important tool in my toolbox to restore my patients to a fully functional dentition. A virtually painless procedure, almost anyone is a dental implant candidate.